Pawise 11057 Dog Dinner Set with 2 Bowls 46x34x9cm

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Product Description

  • Pawise Food Trough is a product suitable for cats and dogs. Self-stand is intended to prevent cats or dogs from splashing water / food outside of the food bowl. It has a user-friendly design to prevent splashing, which is the main problem of many pet owners. Food cups can be washed in a removable machine at 30 degrees.
  • There are 4 plastic feet on the base of the Pawise food bowl that prevent slipping. The container, which is thought to be a food container, is a deep structure with a volume of 250 ml. The container, which is considered as a water container, has a large structure of 250 ml. Food cups can be fixed in place by turning on the stand.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Suitable for cats and puppies.
  • Dimensions: 46x36x Height 10cm.
  • Volume: 2×250 ml.

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