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Product Description


  • Gamemax RGB series power supply offers “Value and Performance” scheme.
  • The  most  suitable  cost/performance  ratio  is  the  best  choice  for  system builder.
  • 12V CPU power and modern PCIe 6+2pin connectors are ready for high-end gaming system.
  • Fully electrical protection and official safety are also the quality promise by Gamemax.
  • with memory function, turn on power supply again; the initial state is as same as the state of power off;
  • Press RGB controller switch successively, the lights change to be white, blue, yellow, red, green, blue green, purple, breathing lights and color mix mode in turn;
  • Breathing lights mode: make the lights bright gradually in two seconds, make the lights dim gradually in two seconds, play cycle from white color to purple color.
  • Color mix mode: the lights change from white to purple color in turn and keep 0.5S at peak of each color; it takes 4S between the two colors
  • In any mode, press the RGB controller switch for three seconds, the lights go out.

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